Gonzaga SPAx

Gonzaga’s IEEE branch is hosting a SPAx event. This is a student professional awareness event aimed at developing the skills needed to be successful in industry that you won’t learn in the classroom. Students will meet with professionals in small group settings and learn what it means to be an electrical engineer and how to get there. Local professionals from different disciplines will share their stories of how they got there, what they do, and examples of their work.
• Computer Science – Intrinium
• Communications – Keysight Technologies
• Controls – Alliance Machine Systems
• Digital Systems – SEL
• Electromagnetics – Hi-Rel Laboratories
• Electronics – F5
• Power – Avista

Local students are encouraged to join Gonzaga on April 22nd at the Gonzaga Hemmingson Center, room 314. Please RSVP at https://goo.gl/forms/QXrWwzF4bGumKx9t1 to reserve your spots. Seats are limited.
If you have any questions, contact spaxplanninggroup@gonzagau.onmicrosoft.com for more info.