In a remarkably short time 5G has transitioned from an idea into a deployed communications technology across towns and cities in the US and internationally. This talk will summarize existing regulatory guidelines governing the deployment of wireless technology and discuss how aspects of 5G will require new approaches in specifying and verifying compliance to appropriate guidelines. However, there is a broader debate in some scientific communities and in the general public that 5G has not been sufficiently studied to ensure that mass deployment does not present a health risk. As it stands, the industry is comfortable with existing guidelines and does not see 5G as a reason for concern. This contrasts with growing scepticism over whether existing guidelines are in fact safe. Both sides cite extensive science research to justify their position. Both can’t be right, so what’s going on?

Moray Rumney received a BSc in EE from Heriot-Watt University in 1984. He joined Hewlett-Packard that year and remained with the company through the transition to Agilent Technologies in 1999 and Keysight Technologies in 2015. Moray joined ETSI in 1991 and 3GPP in 1999 where he participated in the development of cellular communications standards and conformance test methods. His recent work has focused on radiated test methods for mobile phones. He was editor and major contributor to Agilent’s book “LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless”. Since 2018 Moray has been an independent consultant but still represents Keysight at 3GPP RAN plenary who oversee the development of the 5G radio standards.

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