SSIT Student Branch Chapters

SSIT welcomes and encourages the participation and contribution of students around the world. One of the most effective ways students can be active in SSIT is through their involvement in Student Branch Chapters. SSIT congratulates the Universidad El Bosque in Colombia on forming the first SSIT Student Branch Chapter, whose petition was officially approved on 9th June 2015.

This page is current as at 25th June 2015 and contains the following sections:

To contact a current or aspiring SSIT Student Branch Chapter, either send an email to the Contact person by clicking on that person’s name, or visit the SSIT Student Branch Chapter’s website/webpage by clicking on the location name (note: at this time no current or aspiring SSIT Student Branch Chapter has their own website or webpage, but this is work-in-progress).

Current SSIT Student Branch Chapters
Region 9 – Latin America

  • Universidad El Bosque, Colombia Section (SIT30)
    Chair: Lily Vargas Diaz, Facultad de IngenierĂ­a, Universidad el Bosque

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Aspiring SSIT Student Branch Chapters
There are currently no aspiring SSIT Student Branch Chapters, but SSIT welcomes expressions of interest from IEEE Sections, Student Branches and universities around the world who are interested in establishing an SSIT Student Branch Chapter.

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