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IEEE Technology and Society Magazine invites feature articles (refereed), special articles, and commentaries on topics within the scope of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, in the broad areas of social implications of electrotechnology, history of electrotechnology, and engineering ethics.

Submitted manuscripts for articles should typically be no longer than 5000 words. Commentaries (up to 1000 words) and letters to the editor (under 500 words) often focus on previously published papers, IEEE and SSIT affairs, and conferences. References and footnotes should appear as separate lists at the end of the paper.

Authors are required to sign an IEEE copyright transfer form before publication of their paper and to obtain any necessary security clearance release. Additional information will accompany the acceptance letter.

Submitting a Manuscript

1) Submit your manuscript to IEEE Technology and Society Magazine directly through the IEEE Manuscript Central Scholar One system at:

– OR – 


2) Submit manuscripts to:

Assoc. Prof. Katina Michael
+61 2 4221 3937

Submissions made directly to the Editor (as opposed to submissions via Manuscript Central) must be sent as email attachments in Word or RTF format (no PDF files).


IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Seeks Referees

Apply/Register at:

Manuscript Preparation Notes for Authors

IEEE Technology and Society Magazine:

1)      Formatting

The less formatting in the original manuscript, the better.

Exceptions: Mathematical equation variables – make italic
Titles of other publications such as books, journals, and magazines – make italic
There is no need for authors to enter column settings, heading styles, etc.

a) Please do not use the reference or footnote functions in Word to create citation lists. Instead, enter these as simple lists at the ends of articles.
b) Use first initial and last name only for all authors. If there are more than three authors use the first author, et al.
c) Books: [1] J.Q. Author, Book Title. City of Publication, ST or CTRY: Publisher, date.
Articles: [2] J.Q. Author, “Title of article,” Publication Title, vol. x, pp. x-x, Mo. 20XX.
Papers presented at conferences: [3] J.Q. Author, “Title of paper,” presented at Name of Conference (location if desired), date.
Papers from Conference Proceedings: [4] J.Q. Author, “Title of article,” in Proc of xxxxxxx, date, page numbers.
d) References should be numbered in brackets. Please show text citations as bracketed numbers, not author names.
e) For several consecutive citations in text: Use [1]-[3], not [1-3].
f) The reference list at the end of the article may appear in order of mention, OR in alphabetical order – or other format. It does not matter. However, whichever organizing principal is used, please try to keep it consistent within the individual article.

a) All figures and tables must be cited in text.
b) Very Important – Please do not place figures within article text. Group figures, tables and charts at the end of the article.
c) Ideally, supply the figure captions on a separate list. Identify each figure by number separately.

4) General notes:
· The subject matter of T&S Magazine ranges over many disciplines. Our readers are unlikely to have expertise in every area covered. Please minimize jargon. · T&S Magazine does not publish abstracts. If an abstract is supplied and provides an engaging introduction to the article, we sometimes incorporate it as regular text. We delete it completely if it is repetitive of the rest of the article.

5)  Some final style points:
a) In T&S Magazine we use the “series comma” for all lists. A, B, and C.
b) U.S. and U.K.
c) M.I.T.
d) State abbreviations and DC, no periods.
e) Never include two spaces after a period. One space only after a period.


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