IEEE Saint Louis Section


Abstract for PDH Seminar on Aug 11, 2017

DER Technologies
A Utility’s Perspective
Alex Rojas (Ameren Services Company)

The energy market is recognizing that both distributed generators and controlled loads are valuable assets when properly integrated into a utility’s power network and communications network. The proliferation of these Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) creates challenges and oportunities for utilities when interconnected to their networks.

Mr. Rojas will offer a view of Distributed Energy Resources from a utility’s perspective. Then, he will describe business and operational drivers that may persuade Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy users to deploy DERs. Next, Mr. Rojas will highlight Systems Engineering tools and methods to capture the needs and wants from a range of stakeholders (i.e. public utility commission, financing organization, independent system operator, etc). Further, Mr. Rojas will show how these derived requirements are primary inputs to the design strategy for the integration and interoperability of system components.  Past, current and future Ameren DER integration pilot projects will be described.

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