IEEE Saint Louis Section


Women In Engineering Affinity Group

According to our records, the St. Louis Section of the IEEE believes that there has been no recent activity upon the part of the Sections’s Women in Engineering (WIE) affinity group. The Section is very interested in hearing from anyone that knows this not to be the case OR from any member or members of the Section that would like to become involved in the WIE affinity group.

Additional information about the group is available on the IEEE St. Louis Section website ( From the main menu. just click on the Women in Engineering link on the far right of the page. The Section would be willing to assist any members who would like to re-energize this affinity group. Any one with information regarding the current status of the group or looking to revitalize the group is asked to send email to

If the Section does not hear from anyone by Sept. 15 indicating that the group is indeed active then we will assume that it has gone inactive and we will let interested members take leadership roles in attempt re-start this affinity group.

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