Committee Events

This page provides links to the abstract of each meeting sponsored by the SV History Committee and,
when available, links to presentation material and/or video recording.

Date Subject
Jun 1, 2015 EDA’s pivotal role in development of fabless semiconductor industry Abstract Presentation
Apr 28, 2015 How Did Hard Disk Drive Track Widths Get That Small? Abstract
Apr 16, 2015 Fireside Chat with Larry Roberts (&Ethernet Tech Summit) Abstract Presentation
April 1, 2015 “Silicon Valley” Semiconductor Industry from 1957-1975 Abstract Video
Dec 2, 2014 Perspective from Stanford’s Silicon Valley Archives Abstract Video
Nov 5, 2014 Early History of Silicon Valley: Panelists Ted Hoff & Norm Pond Abstract Presentation Video
Oct 9, 2014 Origins & History of the Computer History Museum Abstract Presentation Video
Apr 28, 2014 The History of Wired LAN Competition Abstract Video
Nov 12, 2013 the History of Magnetic Thin Film Recording Media Abstract Presentation Video