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 Silicon Valley History Committee

The IEEE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section created the Silicon Valley History Committee to hold regular technical meetings on a broad range of historical technologies that were conceived, developed, or progressed in greater Silicon Valley.

To access the videos/presentations (if any) from 2013 and 2014 meetings, please visit:  2014 Year End Review blog post.

Current officers and their fields of expertise are:

  • Chairman & Acting Secretary: Alan J Weissberger- Telecom (both wireline and wireless) & Semiconductors
  • Co-Vice Chair: Tom Coughlin- Mass Storage (both magnetic and solid state)
  • Co-Vice Chair: Brian Berg- Software, Microprocessors and Mass Storage
  • Treasurer & Webmaster: Tom Gardner-Storage, mainframe computers and networking)
  • Geoff Thompson- LANs (especially Ethernet standards and applications) & Internet
  • Ted Hoff- Electronics (vacuum tubes, transistors, discrete components, ICs, semiconductor memory, etc)
  • Paul Wesling- Advisor (Silicon Valley history, diverse technologies)
  • Ken Pyle- Videographer, Member at Large
  • Francine Bellson- Physics, Member at Large

IEEE members are invited to volunteer to help the IEEE Silicon Valley Technology History committee in anyway that would progress our mission. We are especially seeking volunteers who are subject matter experts on: the Internet, PCs, larger computers (mainframes and minicomputers), military and space electronics/defense systems, control systems (e.g. air traffic control, command and control, supervisory control, etc), instrumentation, calculators, and other technologies that are indigenous to Silicon Valley. IEEE membership is a requirement along with willingness to serve in any capacity, i.e. organizing or participating in technical meetings, help with on-site logistics, email lists, web site content, promotion, liaison with IEEE groups or other non-profit organizations.


For general questions and to volunteer for this committee, please contact:

Alan Weissberger, OR

Chairman-IEEE Silicon Valley Technology History Committee

To join our event notification email list, please contact: 

Silicon Valley History graphic (top left) courtesy IEEE History Center