Task list for RTSS organizers

This list was made available by Daniel Mosse.

General Chair

  1. Invite Local Arrangements Chair.
  2. Record how many people stayed at the hotel each night in the current years  (Linda Buss collects such info).
  3. Set date for meeting (with the help of Local Arrangement Chair to find empty hotels at specific dates).
  4. Use a lower estimate to begin the hotel negotiations (IEEE will do final negotiations).
  5. Getting a publicity chair from the general chair to the PC chair list.
  6. File TMRF with IEEE a year in advance of the conference; the TMRF must be received by the IEEE before any hotel contract will be signed  (see Form and  Instructions from www.computer.org)
  7. Decide ($$) on audio-visual equipment with the help of Local Arrangement chair (facilitate within budget).
  8. Decide on budgets for tutorials, complimentary registrations, etc (add to TMRF).
  9. Coordinate payment of extra pages (Linda Buss collects the moneys).
  10. Responsible for fund raising (NSF, companies, governmental institutions); may want to designnate a Industrial Relations Chair?
  11. Decide on banquet and social activities.
  12. Invite keynote speakers, in coordination with Program Chair.
  13. Keep records on issues that GC accomplished, and pass it to the Program Chair (e.g., hotel negotiations, how to file TMRF, etc).
  14. Arrange equipment: audio-visual, internet connectivity (wireless?), mics, etc.
  15. Talk to the hotel to figure out hang up posters (typically tape them to the walls, NOT purchase easels).
  16. Decide on the publisher of proceedings (typically IEEE, but if in foreign country perhaps cheaper and better schedule to do it locally; and no shipping costs).

NOTE: We cannot make any commitment to a hotel. We must tell the IEEE main office what hotel(s) we want, the dates, etc., and then they negotiate and sign the final contract. Once the hotel is identified (maybe one or two back-up choices), we will need to forward to the IEEE conference office.

Program Chair

  1. Invite Track or Vice-chairs for other tracks (sensor networks, co-design, middleware)
  2. Invite WiP Chair
  3. Invite Workshop and Tutorials Chair(s)
  4. Invite/Select Publicity Chair
  5. Invite demo and poster chairs
  6. Select a paper submission software package (START, EDAS, Paperdyne, etc)
  7. Select program committee for main track
  8. Check for conflict with other major conferences/workshops (double submissions, date conflicts, incremental submissions, etc)
  9. Invite webmaster
  10. Decide on whether submissions will be double-blind, and whether there will be a rebuttal period
  11. Decide on location(s) of PC meeting; will track chairs attend PC meeting?
  12. Decide on parallel tracks, length, etc EARLY
  13. Help GC to select Keynote Speaker(s)

Track Chair

Similar tasks to PC, but only in what pertains to specific track.

Local Arrangement Chair

  1. Arrange meeting space (hotel) (1-2 backup choices), room management and food.
  2. Should have flexibility to negotiate a better deal.
  3. Find out (from Gen Chair) how many people stayed at the hotel each night in the previous and current years, resp.
  4. Find out (from Pgm Chair) which mornings/afternoons will have parallel sessions (to determine number of rooms).
  5. Find out (from Pgm and Gen Chairs) what time we should start and stop each day (according to social program, and technical program).
  6. Find out (from Pgm Chair) information about workshops/tutorials in the program: what time will they run, how many, and what is the expected attendance.
  7. Just before the conference define very precisely how many meals, how many coffee breaks, etc. (with the help of registration chair: Linda?).
  8. Determine what is needed for other (special) events.
  9. Provide webmaster information about visas.
  10. Provide webmaster webpages (or information) with local information.
  11. Provide materials: laser pointer, remote slide controller.
  12. All presentations in same laptop/computer.

Finance Chair

  1. Support General Chair in crafting TMRF.
  2. Review all hotel bills, pre-approve them (in cooperation with Gen and Pgm Chairs).
  3. Review all expenses.
  4. Create financial report after conference.
  5. Reimburse (or make it possible) Pgm and Gen Chairs for expenses wtih pre-conference meetings.

Publicity Chair

  1. Find out from previous publicity chair how to distribute the CFP.
  2. Contact IEEE, ACM, ASEE, and other institutions to advertise on their online calendars (if free).
  3. Post CFP on several bulletin boards (IEEE-TC on RTS, SIGOPS, etc).

Registration Chair

Ms. Linda Buss has been responsible for all registration-related activities for RTSS and RTAS for a very long time.

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