This IEEE volunteer tools (vtools) site provides information on a wide range of tools developed by volunteers for IEEE members and IEEE volunteers. Most of these tools have been developed by IEEE volunteers. The toolbox simplifies organizational efforts and administration by offering web-based software in order to reduce time spent on managing activities and to assist in member development. The tools are sponsored by IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities (MGA), which serves the needs of IEEE members by supporting IEEE Sections, Chapters, and Branches and is responsible for IEEE membership, and member development.

The vTools toolkit contains tools in various phases of development, from production, to pilots, to active development. Select the TOOLS tab in the navigation bar for up-to-date information on available tools.

About vTools

Many vTools tool-boxes have been developed by IEEE volunteers and are being maintained and enhanced by IEEE staff. The tools and tool-boxes aim to simplify the administration of sections and chapters by offering web-based software. Various vTools were sponsored by IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities (MGA). This vTools site is intended to address the current status of the array of tools specifically designed to aid IEEE volunteers with their various jobs. vTools continues to be a “work in progress” and there are many issues that are currently in-work. You can see many of the current items by clicking on the News (BLOG) which allows you to sign up for an RSS feed to keep abreast of all the changes that are occurring.