22 Feb

Meetings 3.1 release on 02/23/2011

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 3.1.0  will be released on Wednesday, February 23rd. This release introduces significant enhancements for the Credit Card Payment user interface and functionality. List of changes:

  1. Added ability to specify a refund policy including refund requests cut off date
  2. Allow meeting creator to specify unlimited multiple price levels
  3. Added support for price level effective dates 
  4. Added ability to register multiple meeting attendees with a single credit card payment
  5. Added IEEE corporate contact information to the payment receipt sent by e-mail
  6. Added member status validation on the registration page to qualify for discounted pricing
  7. Added support for chapter and affinity group events (payment are still deposited into sections Concentration Banking accounts)

Please note, that using old meetings that did not have payments enabled, as templates for new meetings will not work. If the “template” meeting was created before payment functionality was enabled for the section, then the meeting created from the template will not have the functionality enabled as well. Meetings created after 2/23 can be used as templates without an issue.

Additionally, vTools.Meetings 3.1 now only requires a valid web account login for searching, creation, and viewing of L31 reports. Anyone logged in with an IEEE web account will be able to submit an L31 report for any OU. Editing and deleting will still require one to be an officer of the unit. This ensures that while we allow widest possible audience to submit reports for any OU, we keep a record who created the reports based on the login data. However, only authorized officers are able to delete or edit reports and only for their OU. This change in authorization for L31 report submission will be closely monitored by the vTools team and adjusted as necessary.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

22 Feb

DimDim acquisition by Salesforce.com

In January, 2011 DimDim has been acquired by Salesforce.com. However, our annual accounts used by volunteers and staff are available until our subscription ends in November of 2011. MGA started proactively investigating alternative solutions and will offer a new web conferencing before our current license expires. In the meantime we encourage volunteers to continue using DimDim as the preferred solution. More information including how to access the tool and FAQ with best practices can be found here:  http://ewh.ieee.org/mu/top40/