22 Mar

Lotus Notes Productivity Tools

Recent versions of Lotus Notes have a capability to add widgets that increase productivity. Two of such widgets are Doodle and Scrapple.

Doodle is used to “propose several dates and times and the participants can indicate their availability online. With one look, you’ll be able to see what the best time is for the meeting, and this works with any calendar system that is being used.”

Scrapple “allows you to drag-and-drop arbitrary items from either the Notes client or from other applications and store these items in a tree. You can then drag-and-drop those items from the tree onto other applications or onto Notes Rich Text fields, or you can right-click and copy them to the clipboard.”

Visit http://www.doodle.com/about/lotusNotes.html to integrate Doodle into Lotus Notes.

Visit http://templates.snapps.com/widgets/SidebarApps.nsf to integrate Scrapple into Lotus Notes.

Learn how to add widgets into Lotus Notes here http://lotus-blogs.blogspot.com/2009/01/implement-widgets-in-lotus-notes-8.html