01 Dec

vTools Voting Overview

What it is

vTools.Voting is a free tool that enables volunteers to setup electronic ballots to allow members to submit votes in their Section, Sub-Section, Chapter, or Affinity Group officer elections online. Please note that this is different from the general IEEE elections. Based on the feedback from some of the over 250 elections conducted using the system, when conducted electronically, elections can double the voter participation rate. System features include:

  • on demand availability (no webmaster  involvement needed)
  • intuitive user interface for creating election ballots
  • online tutorials for voters and volunteers
  • professionally looking ballots
  • printable ballots
  • ability to send email to voters from the Voting tool
  • IEEE branded look and feel
  • secure access
  • voter authentication via IEEE web accounts


Who can create ballots

The current security model automatically allows use of the tool by any volunteer who appears on the section roster including section, sub-section, chapter, and affinity group officers. Only the original ballot creator has ability to modify data, while all other officers have a read only access to the ballot data. This ensures transparency and data integrity at the same time.


What is needed to create ballots

Assemble required candidate data, including positions they are running for, their biographies, and pictures (optional). Login at https://voting.vtools.ieee.org and create a ballot in 7 quick steps using simple user interface:

– Specify ballot name

– Specify election start and end time

– Provide custom voter instructions or use default text provided as the election introduction

– Provide contact email address in case voters have any questions

– Add positions and associated candidates (write-in option is available and recommended)

– Auto-load a voter list. Please note there is an option available to retrieve voter list from SAMIEEE database using pre-defined query.

– Save and activate the ballot


High level process for running elections after ballot is activated

–       Contact voters via email directly from the Voting tool to announce the election. As election manager, compose the email content and Voting will email the voters.
Please note that the tool will not email those voters who requested IEEE not to contact them via e-mail. Those voters will need to be informed of the election via other means, such as paper mail.

–       Monitor voter participation rate and adjust election end date if necessary

–       Print paper version of the ballot if requested

–       Once election is over, view and certify the results. If necessary, update the results based on the votes received offline (for example paper ballots).

–       Report results to IEEE headquarters using vTools.Officer Reporting.


Requirements and limitations

–       Security model automatically allows use of the tool by any volunteer who appears on the section roster including section, sub-section, chapter, and affinity group officers. 

–       Only one volunteer has access to manage the election. This is aimed at maintaining the integrity of the election.

–       vTools.Voting does not currently provide functionality to support nominations process.