09 Jan

vTools.Events version 6.1 has been released

On 22 December 2016 Events version 6.1 was released.
Events 6.1 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • Events is now integrated with vTools.eNotice so that you can create and send meeting announcements without having to re-enter your event information. Events announcements includes a new option – “Create eNotice from Event’. When selected, a new eNotice opens and the announcement details are copied.
  • Correction of draft results when selecting sort by column.
  • The registration form includes text indicating the payment will be made in PayPal when the event includes pricing.
  • The registration form email address tooltip indicates the email address provided will be used to send registration confirmation.
  • Corrected a defect when deleting menu items. User will be able to delete all menu items, if desired.
  • Events will inform the user of the deletion of pricing if the user disables registration. When a user sets the registration start and end dates to the same value, this disables registration. The system will warn the user that this setting will disable registration.
    Additionally, if there is pricing set up for the event, the system will warn the user that this setting will also delete all pricing. The user will have the option to cancel the change or disable registration and delete pricing, if applicable.

  • About page includes correct link to Events tutorials.
  • Correction of draft search to return all draft events in the results when ‘Draft’ option is selected.