13 Dec

Upcoming: vTools.Events provides new dashboards and streamlined report submission

In the next version of vTools.Events, all volunteers will be able to view and manage all of their events and any report details as one view through the use of administrative dashboard-like pages. Reporting an event (L31) will be made easier by simply by providing attendance numbers.

Events/Report Administration.
This administration dashboard will include a list of the top 20 events displayed in three (3) tabs (Recent, Upcoming, Draft).
Options include:
• Schedule a new event
• View the published event as the public would on the web
File a report for past events
• Manage a single event on it’s own dashboard

Manage a single event
This dashboard is where users will find all of the current volunteer administrative options:
• Edit
• View
• Registration and Attendance details
• Creating from existing event
• File a report – New – click to enter attendance numbers and submit!

One view of an event and report details
Search Events results will include all events in vTools.Events with reporting details and options such as:
o Reported On date, if applicable
o An option to file a report
o View published event
o Manage a single event and all related report content

Streamlined report submission
• To file a report, the volunteer need only provide the attendance numbers
• A ‘File Report’ option will be available on Search Events, Events / Report Administration and when managing a single event’s content