09 Jan

vTools.eNotice version 1.7 has been released

On 22 December 2016 eNotice version 1.7 was released.

eNotice 1.7 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • eNotice is now integrated with vTools Events so that you can create and send meeting announcements without having to re-enter your event information.
  • eNotice allows Region and Section officers to send messages to a specific audience or segment within their organizational unit. This gives the opportunity to target messages to particular member groups (i.e.. Affinity Groups, Subsections, Chapters, Student Branches).
04 Jan

Are local elections results automatically reported once the election has ended?

The reporting of the election results (conducted in vTools.Voting for local geographic units) to IEEE headquarters is not automatically done at the end of the election period.

The election manager or any other officer reports the results in vTools.Officer Reporting and updates the geo unit’s roster. Once the reporting has been submitted, the geo unit’s roster will be updated overnight as well as the member’s record.

Refer to the IEEE Geographic Unit Officer reporting for guidelines

15 Dec

New Events – eNotice Integration is here

We are happy to announce the integration of Events with eNotice is available for all your events and meetings.

With this new feature, you can create an eNotice using the meeting information entered in vTools.Events.

Follow these steps:

  • View your meeting or event in vTools.Events
  • Select the new option “Create eNotice from Event
  • The contents of the meeting will be copied into a new eNotice.
    The eNotice message will include all of the key details of your announcement including title,description, date/time, location with map, event contacts, registration link if applicable, agenda, speaker name and topic.

  • Edit the eNotice, if needed. This includes message content, filters (mailing target audience, grade/status).
  • eNotice automatically assigns the mailing target audience using the organization selected (HOST) on the meeting/event.
  • Submit the eNotice – SEND EXPRESS rules will continue to be enforced.

Click here for more information – Events-eNotice Integration.

25 Nov

vTools Training Summit 2016 WebEx Recordings

vTools Training Summit 2016 – Introduction to vTools

vTools Portal

vTools Events

IEEE Events Finder App

Website and Communication

vTools eNotice

Webhosting (HTML, WordPress and vTools WebInAbox)

Online Meetings and Recording (WebEx)

vTools Voting and vTools Officer Reporting

Section Vitality Dashboard

Collaboration and Social Media

IEEE Collabratec

Google for OUs

11 Aug

IEEE upgrade announcement

IEEE is upgrading a number of Web sites and systems to bring you enhanced capabilities and an improved experience.

Starting on Saturday, 13 August at 06:00 a.m.EDT (1030 UTC-04) and completing on Saturday, 13 August at 07:30 p.m. EDT (1130 UTC-4), the following functions will not be available: Membership/Profile/Cart, myIEEE, ICX, OBIEE and SAMIEEE, Petition Candidate, CS Store application, IEEE TV, and some vTools applications. If you need assistance during this time, please direct your inquiry to the IEEE Support Center .

Please note that due to this upgrade parts of the vTools will be inaccessible from Saturday, 13 August, 6:30 a.m. EDT (1030 UTC-04) to Saturday, 13 August 7:30 p.m. EDT (1130 UTC-04):

– there will be no ability to validate member numbers for discounted price levels

– There will be no ability to create new or modify existing eNotices. There will be no ability to send express eNotices.

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing sites
– “Officers” and “Other units” pages will not show any officer or unit data

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing ballots
– voters should still be able to vote in open elections

vTools.OfficerReporting will not be available

WebEx will not be impacted

vTools.StudentBranchReporting will not be impacted

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing ballots
– survey takers will still be able to submit their responses

ReviewRoom will not be impacted

If you have any questions, please contact the vTools team at vtools@ieee.org.

10 Aug

Announcing vTools. Events – more than just a place to report past meeting activity

We are excited to announce that IEEE MGA has released a new version of vTools Meetings on Wednesday afternoon ET 27 July. This new version is re-branded vTools Events to better identify with the meetings and activities that are included.

vTools Events is fully responsive to mobile devices – both in event management and guest registration. This new, more intuitive look and feel, provides many new features and enhancements which include:

– Home Page with a global view of all events
– Enhanced event search option
– Redesigned event creation form
– Easier interface for event reporting
– More intuitive event registration setup
– More help text

Here is a screenshot of the new home page.

All existing events are available in the new look and feel. Tutorials are available on the vTools Events Tutorial page.

Here is a screenshot of the event description.
Events Published
We encourage all geo units to use vTools Events to schedule future meetings. vTools Events is more than just a place to report past meeting activity.

All vTools Events and IEEE sponsored conferences are displayed in IEEE Collabratec™ and a data feed can be used in your organization’s website calendar.

Questions, comments or suggestions can be emailed to vtools@ieee.org.

02 Aug

vTools.eNotice version 1.6 has been released

On 27 July 2016 eNotice version 1.6 was released.
eNotice 1.6 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • Society Affliates member grade are valid for Express eNotices.
  • Life Member Affinity Group are not eligible for Express eNotices.
  • eNotice Reminders are shown in the list of eNotices.
  • The Send button has been updated to ‘Send Express’.
  • Spellchecker has been added to the eNotice editor
02 Aug

eNotice Quick Tip – How to insert an image into eNotice message

eNotice Quick Tip – How to insert an image into eNotice message

You can insert an image into your eNotice message using the insert image option on the toolbar. Your image must be available on a website (not saved locally).

Uploading an image from a device would require an upload to a website and then a link to the image.

Source – is the URL where the image is found. You can not insert an image from your device( desktop/laptop/ipad). Uploading an image from a device would require an upload to a website and then a link to the image.

Description – you can put anything you want or leave blank.

Dimensions – If you leave this blank the image will be the original size. You can set the height and width but that will stretch the image.
NOTE: Scaling an image up will result in a blurry image.

Click here to view steps to upload your image.