03 Oct

Sections Congress 2017 vTools Presentations

The following presentations were prepared for Sections Congress 2017 in Sydney Australia 11 to 13 August 2017.
Click on the “PDF” links to download the presentation in PDF format.

  1. vTools Events (PDF)
  2. vTools eNotice (PDF
  3. vTools Officer Reporting (PDF)
  4. vTools Voting (PDF)
  5. Introduction to IEEE Web Hosting (PDF)
  6. IEEE OU Analytics (SAMIEEE to Tableau) (PDF)
  7. Using WebEx Effectively (PDF)
  8. GoogleApps @IEEE (PDF)
11 Jan

What is eNotice Express?

What is eNotice Express?

Express is self-service delivery of an eNotice. An express eNotice is sent without staff intervention.

eNotice Express is available for standard geo unit eNotices.

Exceptions will need to be processed by staff:
– Special requests
– Automatic reminders
– Included attachments
Note: Attachments can be posted on a web page and the URL included in the eNotice message.

How do I send an eNotice express?
If your eNotice is eligible to be sent express, upon selection of the “Send” button, you will be presented with a preview of the eNotice. You must click on “Confirm” button to send your eNotice by express.

Who can send an eNotice express?
Automatic access is granted to Region Directors, Section Executive Committee Members, MD Chairs, SAMIEEE Recipients, Newsletter Editors, Webmasters; Chapter Chairs and eNotice Coordinators.

When will my express eNotice be delivered?
All express eNotices are scheduled to be delivered within two (2) hours once submitted.

Where can I find the latest status of my eNotice express?
Check the eNotice dashboard for up-to-the minute status and mailing statistics.

For more information on eNotice express , view the eNotice express tutorial.

For more information, view the eNotice Express tutorial .

For more information on the vTools eNotice process, please view the eNotices FAQs.

If you have any questions, please email enotice-admins@ieee.org.

11 Jan

eNotice Express released today

*** Released 27 January 2016 ****

eNotice has been enhanced with a new feature called eNotice express .

Express eNotices are sent without staff intervention.

Volunteers will:
– Enter Subject
– Select target audience
– Specify criteria (active, arrears, grades etc…)
– Provide message content

• Click Send to preview and confirm eNotice express.
• The recipient list is automatically created in the background.
• Express eNotice is queued for delivery at an external email service provider.
• Express eNotice is sent without staff intervention within two (2) hours.
• eNotice dashboard provides up-to-the minute status and mailing statistics.

For more information, view the eNotice Express tutorial .

Additional information on eNotice can be found in the eNotice FAQs

13 May

Accepting Credit Card Payments

Functionality for accepting credit card payments for Regions 1-7 is made possible by a joint effort between IEEE Concentration Banking Program and vTools.   It enables Sections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups that are using vTools.Events to accept credit card payments for meetings and have funds deposited directly into the Organizational Unit’s (OU) Concentration Banking account.


If you are interested in using this option for your OU and you do not have a Concentration banking account, you can read more on the IEEE Concentration Banking Program web page or contact concentration-banking@ieee.org


Deposits to a local bank account can be made available for OUs in Regions 8, 9, and 10 per special arrangement. Contact concentration-banking@ieee.org for additional information.


Benefits of this service are multi fold:

* It allows OUs to start offering small sale credit card payments if they have not been able to do so in the past.

* It reduces cost to OUs, since outside vendors often charge high fees for small sale credit card payment services.

* It centralizes credit card payment processing and provides benefits associated with such consolidation: better accounting and record keeping, integration with Concentration Banking System (CBRS) when appropriate, and improved security.


Please note the following rules and fees for using the credit card payment functionality:

* This functionality is not meant to be used for large events, such as conferences. If there is a need to process payments for a large event please contact MCE Sales to get started.

* The fees for each credit card payment are the following: 2.2% of the total amount charged + 0.30 US Dollars; * Payments are deposited into the Organizational Unit’s Concentration Banking account in Regions 1 – 7. Deposits to a local bank account can be made available for sections in Regions 8, 9, and 10 per special arrangement. Contact mailto:mga-im@ieee.org for more information.

* Fees for credit card payments should be included in the L50 report on Sch IV under line 5.60 – Other General & Management expenses;

* Volunteers are responsible for issuing refunds when necessary using IEEE Concentration Banking or local bank checks (applicable to Regions 8, 9, and 10 if not using Concentration Banking);

* Volunteers are responsible for complying with any local and federal tax laws and regulations;

* Even though vTools Events uses PayPal as the payment clearing house, there is no access to the PayPal accounts in vTools.Events;

* Payment reports are available from vTools Events and the Concentration Banking System.

* Organizational Units cannot use their own PayPal accounts for this functionality.

08 Sep

Who can access vTools?

We often get asked question “Who can access vTools?”. We updated our FAQ with the answer, but also wanted to add a blog post as well.

The current security model automatically allows use of the tools by any volunteer who appears on the section roster.  Volunteers can create meetings/events, WebInABox sites, run elections, etc., while members and in many cases general public can view meeting/event information, visit WebInABox sites, etc.

Volunteers should use their IEEE web account username and password to login. If you do not recall your Web Account information, you may go to: http://www.ieee.org/web/accounts to recover your username or password online.

To verify who is listed on the section roster please see this page: https://www.ieee.org/about/volunteers/rosters.html (access is limited to current officers). Please note that per vTools team request, IEEE now records more positions for Chapter and Affinity Group officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.  For more information regarding reporting officers, plese view Operations- Reporting – Officer forms on https://mga.ieee.org

Please note that according to IEEE Bylaws (http://www.ieee.org/documents/section09_24jul09.pdf section 9.6 part D) all officers (with exception of webmaster and newsletter editor) shall be active IEEE members in Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member or Fellow grade.   Chapter officers shall also be members of the parent Society.

In addition Sections can now report vTools Coordinator position (please note that it has the same grade restrictions as mentioned above).

Please note Student Branch Officers (Chair, Advisor, Counselor) can submit and view the local activity reports (L31) as well as.