02 Aug

vTools.eNotice version 1.6 has been released

On 27 July 2016 eNotice version 1.6 was released.
eNotice 1.6 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • Society Affliates member grade are valid for Express eNotices.
  • Life Member Affinity Group are not eligible for Express eNotices.
  • eNotice Reminders are shown in the list of eNotices.
  • The Send button has been updated to ‘Send Express’.
  • Spellchecker has been added to the eNotice editor
11 Jan

What is eNotice Express?

What is eNotice Express?

Express is self-service delivery of an eNotice. An express eNotice is sent without staff intervention.

eNotice Express is available for standard geo unit eNotices.

Exceptions will need to be processed by staff:
– Special requests
– Automatic reminders
– Included attachments
Note: Attachments can be posted on a web page and the URL included in the eNotice message.

How do I send an eNotice express?
If your eNotice is eligible to be sent express, upon selection of the “Send” button, you will be presented with a preview of the eNotice. You must click on “Confirm” button to send your eNotice by express.

Who can send an eNotice express?
Automatic access is granted to Region Directors, Section Executive Committee Members, MD Chairs, SAMIEEE Recipients, Newsletter Editors, Webmasters; Chapter Chairs and eNotice Coordinators.

When will my express eNotice be delivered?
All express eNotices are scheduled to be delivered within two (2) hours once submitted.

Where can I find the latest status of my eNotice express?
Check the eNotice dashboard for up-to-the minute status and mailing statistics.

For more information on eNotice express , view the eNotice express tutorial.

For more information, view the eNotice Express tutorial .

For more information on the vTools eNotice process, please view the eNotices FAQs.

If you have any questions, please email enotice-admins@ieee.org.

12 Oct

vTools eNotice version 1.4 has been released

eNotice 1.4 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • eNotice will no longer become unresponsive when users access the listing of eNotices.
  • The ‘Edit’ tooltip clearly states the eNotice is not editable at this time whenever an eNotice is being edited by another user.  
  • The Listing of eNotices includes the ‘Action’ options (Preview, Edit, Duplicate, Delete, Contact Staff) under a single icon.  
  • When using the Chrome browser, all of the contents will be copied to the user’s clipboard.  
  • Upgraded to the higher version of Ruby 1.9.3
12 Oct

vTools Meetings version 5.1.1 has been released

Meetings 5.1.1 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements:

  • When registration and payment set up errors are generated, the system will no longer return a blank screen.  All error messages will be displayed on the Schedule meeting form.
  • Price level descriptions entry box has been expanded.
  • Staff will no longer will be restricted from downloading a maximum of 500 records for Find Meetings and Find Meeting Reports results. 
09 Sep

vTools.Voting version 1.7 has been released

Voting 1.7 includes the following feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • The link in the prepopulated content included ballot introduction will be updated to include the correct link to vTools Voting.
  • Volunteers will be able to update the close date and time for an election without causing an error.
  • The date and time selected will be validated to ensure it is greater than the current date and time set on the ballot.
  • The preview of the published ballot will be corrected to display all of the ballot content within the ballot “margins”.
  • The ballot dashboard will include all ballots including draft ballots with missing start and end dates/times.
  • Volunteers will be able to download election results using IE8.
  • Volunteers will be able to insert active links into the ballot introduction and/or voter email content.
  • The voter email editor will include prepopulated content that volunteers can use to send to the voters.
  • The published ballot will clearly indicate how many candidates can be selected for a position.
  • The voter email webpage will include help text to inform volunteers that the email sent to the voters automatically includes a footer with help information and a link to vTools Voting.
  • Active links included in the voter email will be received uncorrupted with the link contents maintained.
  • Whenever an election email is sent by the election manager via vTools Voting, they will receive the voter email also.
  • A voter’s list of ballots will be displayed in descending order with the latest ballots listed first.
  • Voting web pages will be updated to include ‘Sign in’/’Sign Out’ notation so as to align with the IEEE web site style guide.
05 Aug

IEEE Upgrade announcement

IEEE is upgrading a number of Web sites and systems to bring you enhanced capabilities and an improved experience.

On Saturday, 8 August, 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. EDT, the following functions will not be available: IEEE Shop, join and renew IEEE, myIEEE, article purchasing on IEEE Xplore and some vTools applications.  If you need assistance during this time, please direct your inquiry to the IEEE Support Center

Please note that due to this upgrade parts of the vTools will be inaccessible on Saturday, 8 August, 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. EDT:

– there will be no ability to validate member numbers for discounted price levels

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing sites
– “Officers” and “Other units” pages will not show any officer or unit data

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing ballots
– voters should still be able to vote in open elections

vTools.OfficerReporting will not be available

WebEx will not be impacted

vTools.StudentBranchReporting will not be impacted

– there will be no ability to create new or modify existing ballots
– survey takers will still be able to submit their responses

ReviewRoom will not be impacted

If you have any questions, please contact the vTools team at vtools@ieee.org.


26 Jan

vTools.Surveys version 1.3 has been released

Surveys Version 1.3

  • Surveys has been upgraded to a newer software version.
  • Surveys has been updated to the new IEEE Style Sheet in order to comply with the IEEE web site requirements and style guide. This includes a “Sign in” option available in the upper right corner of the web browser and the background color has been updated to use the IEEE brand color.