09 Jul

Want to know who has access to vTools?

The current security model automatically allows use of the tools by any volunteer who appears on the organizational roster. Volunteers can create meetings/events, WebInABox sites, run elections, etc., while members and in many cases general public can view meeting/event information, visit WebInABox sites, etc.
Volunteers should use their IEEE web account username and password to login. If you do not recall your Web Account information, you may go to: http://www.ieee.org/web/accounts to recover your username or password online.

For more information, please view the post Automatic Access Information.

03 Oct

Sections Congress 2017 vTools Presentations

The following presentations were prepared for Sections Congress 2017 in Sydney Australia 11 to 13 August 2017.
Click on the “PDF” links to download the presentation in PDF format.

  1. vTools Events (PDF)
  2. vTools eNotice (PDF
  3. vTools Officer Reporting (PDF)
  4. vTools Voting (PDF)
  5. Introduction to IEEE Web Hosting (PDF)
  6. IEEE OU Analytics (SAMIEEE to Tableau) (PDF)
  7. Using WebEx Effectively (PDF)
  8. GoogleApps @IEEE (PDF)