17 Mar

Email Attachment Best Practices

Include a link in your email message rather than an attachment

If the information you would like to attach is available on a Web page, link to that Web page in the body of your email rather than attaching a file. Anyone will be able to view the link using a Web browser.

Avoid sending large email attachments
Users of any email service usually have a limit on the size of their email Inbox. Sending large email attachments may cause some of your recipients to exceed their quotas. If a file is larger than several megabytes, you might want to compress it into a smaller file

Note: Express eNotices must not include attachments. To speed the delivery of your eNotice, we recommend following the above recommendations.

11 Jan

What is eNotice Express?

What is eNotice Express?

Express is self-service delivery of an eNotice. An express eNotice is sent without staff intervention.

eNotice Express is available for standard geo unit eNotices.

Exceptions will need to be processed by staff:
– Special requests
– Automatic reminders
– Included attachments
Note: Attachments can be posted on a web page and the URL included in the eNotice message.

How do I send an eNotice express?
If your eNotice is eligible to be sent express, upon selection of the “Send” button, you will be presented with a preview of the eNotice. You must click on “Confirm” button to send your eNotice by express.

Who can send an eNotice express?
Automatic access is granted to Region Directors, Section Executive Committee Members, MD Chairs, SAMIEEE Recipients, Newsletter Editors, Webmasters; Chapter Chairs and eNotice Coordinators.

When will my express eNotice be delivered?
All express eNotices are scheduled to be delivered within two (2) hours once submitted.

Where can I find the latest status of my eNotice express?
Check the eNotice dashboard for up-to-the minute status and mailing statistics.

For more information on eNotice express , view the eNotice express tutorial.

For more information, view the eNotice Express tutorial .

For more information on the vTools eNotice process, please view the eNotices FAQs.

If you have any questions, please email enotice-admins@ieee.org.

11 Jan

eNotice Express released today

*** Released 27 January 2016 ****

eNotice has been enhanced with a new feature called eNotice express .

Express eNotices are sent without staff intervention.

Volunteers will:
– Enter Subject
– Select target audience
– Specify criteria (active, arrears, grades etc…)
– Provide message content

• Click Send to preview and confirm eNotice express.
• The recipient list is automatically created in the background.
• Express eNotice is queued for delivery at an external email service provider.
• Express eNotice is sent without staff intervention within two (2) hours.
• eNotice dashboard provides up-to-the minute status and mailing statistics.

For more information, view the eNotice Express tutorial .

Additional information on eNotice can be found in the eNotice FAQs

12 Oct

vTools eNotice version 1.4 has been released

eNotice 1.4 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements :

  • eNotice will no longer become unresponsive when users access the listing of eNotices.
  • The ‘Edit’ tooltip clearly states the eNotice is not editable at this time whenever an eNotice is being edited by another user.  
  • The Listing of eNotices includes the ‘Action’ options (Preview, Edit, Duplicate, Delete, Contact Staff) under a single icon.  
  • When using the Chrome browser, all of the contents will be copied to the user’s clipboard.  
  • Upgraded to the higher version of Ruby 1.9.3
24 Apr

RSS feeds for eNotice

RSS feeds include eNotices

What eNotices will be included in RSS feeds?

The RSS feed will only include eNotices that have been sent explicitly to a specific organizational unit .

Only eNotices that have been sent, and are not set as private, will appear in public feeds.

What content will be included in RSS feeds?

The RSS feed will include the title based on the subject of an eNotice , a link to preview an eNotice ‘s content based on the first 50 characters.

How do I construct an RSS Feed and include in external sites?

An atom feed can be accessed to produce a list of eNotices for one or more organizational units.

The URL for a specific organizational unit is:


where SPOID is the SPO ID for the organizational unit.

Multiple organizational units can also be included:


*Note that only eNotices that have been sent, and are not set as private, will appear in public feeds.

08 Dec

eNotice Access – List of volunteer positions that have access to eNotice automatically

To use eNotice online web application, you must be an officer of the geo organizational unit to which you want to send notices.  If you are an officer of the organizational unit and your information does not appear in the online rosters, then please submit your officer information to http://officers.vtools.ieee.org. If your officer position does not appear in the online rosters, then approval from the appropriate officers would be required.

Access is automatically granted for the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Newsletter editor
  • Webmaster
  • SAMIEEE Recipient
  • Membership Development Chair
  • Region Director
  • Chapter Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Affinity Group Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Council Chair

If you have further questions regarding access, please email enotice-admins@ieee.org.