09 Jul

Want to know who has access to vTools?

The current security model automatically allows use of the tools by any volunteer who appears on the organizational roster. Volunteers can create meetings/events, WebInABox sites, run elections, etc., while members and in many cases general public can view meeting/event information, visit WebInABox sites, etc.
Volunteers should use their IEEE web account username and password to login. If you do not recall your Web Account information, you may go to: http://www.ieee.org/web/accounts to recover your username or password online.

For more information, please view the post Automatic Access Information.

10 Aug

Announcing vTools. Events – more than just a place to report past meeting activity

We are excited to announce that IEEE MGA has released a new version of vTools Meetings on Wednesday afternoon ET 27 July. This new version is re-branded vTools Events to better identify with the meetings and activities that are included.

vTools Events is fully responsive to mobile devices – both in event management and guest registration. This new, more intuitive look and feel, provides many new features and enhancements which include:

– Home Page with a global view of all events
– Enhanced event search option
– Redesigned event creation form
– Easier interface for event reporting
– More intuitive event registration setup
– More help text

Here is a screenshot of the new home page.

All existing events are available in the new look and feel. Tutorials are available on the vTools Events Tutorial page.

Here is a screenshot of the event description.
Events Published
We encourage all geo units to use vTools Events to schedule future meetings. vTools Events is more than just a place to report past meeting activity.

All vTools Events and IEEE sponsored conferences are displayed in IEEE Collabratec™ and a data feed can be used in your organization’s website calendar.

Questions, comments or suggestions can be emailed to vtools@ieee.org.

12 Oct

vTools Meetings version 5.1.1 has been released

Meetings 5.1.1 introduces the following usability and interface enhancements:

  • When registration and payment set up errors are generated, the system will no longer return a blank screen.  All error messages will be displayed on the Schedule meeting form.
  • Price level descriptions entry box has been expanded.
  • Staff will no longer will be restricted from downloading a maximum of 500 records for Find Meetings and Find Meeting Reports results. 
13 May

Accepting Credit Card Payments

Functionality for accepting credit card payments for Regions 1-7 is made possible by a joint effort between IEEE Concentration Banking Program and vTools.   It enables Sections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups that are using vTools.Events to accept credit card payments for meetings and have funds deposited directly into the Organizational Unit’s (OU) Concentration Banking account.


If you are interested in using this option for your OU and you do not have a Concentration banking account, you can read more on the IEEE Concentration Banking Program web page or contact concentration-banking@ieee.org


Deposits to a local bank account can be made available for OUs in Regions 8, 9, and 10 per special arrangement. Contact concentration-banking@ieee.org for additional information.


Benefits of this service are multi fold:

* It allows OUs to start offering small sale credit card payments if they have not been able to do so in the past.

* It reduces cost to OUs, since outside vendors often charge high fees for small sale credit card payment services.

* It centralizes credit card payment processing and provides benefits associated with such consolidation: better accounting and record keeping, integration with Concentration Banking System (CBRS) when appropriate, and improved security.


Please note the following rules and fees for using the credit card payment functionality:

* This functionality is not meant to be used for large events, such as conferences. If there is a need to process payments for a large event please contact MCE Sales to get started.

* The fees for each credit card payment are the following: 2.2% of the total amount charged + 0.30 US Dollars; * Payments are deposited into the Organizational Unit’s Concentration Banking account in Regions 1 – 7. Deposits to a local bank account can be made available for sections in Regions 8, 9, and 10 per special arrangement. Contact mailto:mga-im@ieee.org for more information.

* Fees for credit card payments should be included in the L50 report on Sch IV under line 5.60 – Other General & Management expenses;

* Volunteers are responsible for issuing refunds when necessary using IEEE Concentration Banking or local bank checks (applicable to Regions 8, 9, and 10 if not using Concentration Banking);

* Volunteers are responsible for complying with any local and federal tax laws and regulations;

* Even though vTools Events uses PayPal as the payment clearing house, there is no access to the PayPal accounts in vTools.Events;

* Payment reports are available from vTools Events and the Concentration Banking System.

* Organizational Units cannot use their own PayPal accounts for this functionality.

26 Jan

vTools.Meetings version 5.0 has been released

Meetings version 5.0

Meetings has been upgraded to a newer software version. With this newer software version, the vTools team introduces the following user interface enhancements:

  • “Schedule Meeting”, “Meeting Report” and “Meeting Announcement” layouts  have been updated to illustrate different sections on the form by adding a range of colors and labeling the sections.  
  • WYSIWYG editors have been included on the “Schedule Meeting” and “Meeting Report” forms to  provide more formatting features to enhance meeting results display.
  • Meetings has been updated to use the new IEEE Style Sheet in order to comply with the IEEE web site requirements and style guide. This includes a “Sign in” option available in the upper right corner of the web browser and the background color has been updated to use the IEEE brand color.
27 Jun

vTools.Meetings 4.5 was released today

vTools.Meetings version 4.5 was released today.

Note:  During the deployment, we experienced a slight delay in bring up Meetings.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

vTools.Meetings introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

  • Pricing for Life members in event registration has been streamlined to one option
  • The meeting URLs have been shortened

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved the selection of “Recent Unpublished meetings for my Section” application error
  • The L31 Report indicator on the “Find Meetings” results correctly links to the L31 report that has been crated from a meeting scheduled in vTools.Meetings.
04 Dec

vTools.Meetings version 4.3 released

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.3 was released today.

vTools.Meetings introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

1. Meetings – Event sub-category has been added to Meetings and L31 reports.
o This is being implemented in support of Geo Unit vitality. This provides a further refinement to the existing event categories and the ability to record other section activities such as “Pre-University activities” For more details click here.
2. Find Meetings will provide volunteers the option to search for all meetings within their Region (unpublished, recent, and upcoming )
3. Meeting event registration form will indicate when member number is not required based on price level selected
4. Registration e-mail confirmation will include meal selection, if applicable.
5. Registration e-mail confirmation will include a ‘Join IEEE’ link if the registrant chose a ‘non-member’ price level
6. When creating a new meeting from an existing meeting, all registration fees and levels as well as menu options will be copied to the new meeting.
7. Meeting registration deadline is extended to allow registrations up to 11:59pm of the day of the meeting.
8. Meeting refund request deadline time stamp will display ‘am’ or ‘pm’ on registration page
9. The Meetings website will display a warning if cookies are enabled and payment is required.
10. Updated links to tutorials.

Bug Fixes – Internal to vTools – download of L31 import data for Rebate process completes successfully.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

01 Aug

vTools.Meetings version 4.1 patch will be released today

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.1 patch will be released today.

This patch release is contains usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

  • Added functionality to check service that verifies member eligibility for discounted pricing based on the membership status and grade. If service becomes temporarily unavailable, the system  will show an appropriate message and advise member to try registering later instead of failing silently;
  • Added ability to override default meeting coordinates automatically determined based on the meeting address. Coordinates are used to produce Google map of the meeting location and in meeting geographic proximity search. As a result meeting organizer now has ability to specify custom coordinates and produce a custom map location.
  • Renamed “mail merge” buttons to better identify functionality to download registration data in CSV and TSV formats;
  • Made adjustment to close possible SQL injection vulnerability;
  • Added ability for administrator to change unit’s “activated” and “deactivated” dates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed meetings “Cancellation”  e-mails to registrants. Emails now contain correct time and date;
  • Fixed wrong time on L31 report submission confirmation email;
  • Fixed sign in sheet missing names;
  • Fixed registration closing too early;
  • Re-sized username field to support new username format;