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File names must not include any special characters

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

When uploading a file to Meetings, the file name should not include any of the following special characters:

” ~,!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),?,>,<,_,+,=,-,{,[,},]   

An example:  Speaker_One_50%.jpg

This file contains ‘%’ which is invalid. 

Please rename the name by removing  the %.

Thank you!


vTools.Meetings version 5.0 has been released

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Meetings version 5.0

Meetings has been upgraded to a newer software version. With this newer software version, the vTools team introduces the following user interface enhancements:

  • “Schedule Meeting”, “Meeting Report” and “Meeting Announcement” layouts  have been updated to illustrate different sections on the form by adding a range of colors and labeling the sections.  
  • WYSIWYG editors have been included on the “Schedule Meeting” and “Meeting Report” forms to  provide more formatting features to enhance meeting results display.
  • Meetings has been updated to use the new IEEE Style Sheet in order to comply with the IEEE web site requirements and style guide. This includes a “Sign in” option available in the upper right corner of the web browser and the background color has been updated to use the IEEE brand color.

vTools.Meetings 4.5 was released today

Friday, June 27th, 2014

vTools.Meetings version 4.5 was released today.

Note:  During the deployment, we experienced a slight delay in bring up Meetings.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

vTools.Meetings introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

  • Pricing for Life members in event registration has been streamlined to one option
  • The meeting URLs have been shortened

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved the selection of “Recent Unpublished meetings for my Section” application error
  • The L31 Report indicator on the “Find Meetings” results correctly links to the L31 report that has been crated from a meeting scheduled in vTools.Meetings.

vTools.Meetings version 4.3 released

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.3 was released today.

vTools.Meetings introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

1. Meetings – Event sub-category has been added to Meetings and L31 reports.
o This is being implemented in support of Geo Unit vitality. This provides a further refinement to the existing event categories and the ability to record other section activities such as “Pre-University activities” For more details click here.
2. Find Meetings will provide volunteers the option to search for all meetings within their Region (unpublished, recent, and upcoming )
3. Meeting event registration form will indicate when member number is not required based on price level selected
4. Registration e-mail confirmation will include meal selection, if applicable.
5. Registration e-mail confirmation will include a ‘Join IEEE’ link if the registrant chose a ‘non-member’ price level
6. When creating a new meeting from an existing meeting, all registration fees and levels as well as menu options will be copied to the new meeting.
7. Meeting registration deadline is extended to allow registrations up to 11:59pm of the day of the meeting.
8. Meeting refund request deadline time stamp will display ‘am’ or ‘pm’ on registration page
9. The Meetings website will display a warning if cookies are enabled and payment is required.
10. Updated links to tutorials.

Bug Fixes – Internal to vTools – download of L31 import data for Rebate process completes successfully.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Updating L31 meeting reports

Monday, December 17th, 2012

vToolsMeetings system is presently set up to allow changes to submitted L31 reports by section officers for a week after submission. After that, requests to make any changes must be submitted by section officers by emailing

vTools.Meetings version 4.1 patch will be released today

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.1 patch will be released today.

This patch release is contains usability enhancements as well bug fixes:

New features and usability enhancements

  • Added functionality to check service that verifies member eligibility for discounted pricing based on the membership status and grade. If service becomes temporarily unavailable, the system  will show an appropriate message and advise member to try registering later instead of failing silently;
  • Added ability to override default meeting coordinates automatically determined based on the meeting address. Coordinates are used to produce Google map of the meeting location and in meeting geographic proximity search. As a result meeting organizer now has ability to specify custom coordinates and produce a custom map location.
  • Renamed “mail merge” buttons to better identify functionality to download registration data in CSV and TSV formats;
  • Made adjustment to close possible SQL injection vulnerability;
  • Added ability for administrator to change unit’s “activated” and “deactivated” dates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed meetings “Cancellation”  e-mails to registrants. Emails now contain correct time and date;
  • Fixed wrong time on L31 report submission confirmation email;
  • Fixed sign in sheet missing names;
  • Fixed registration closing too early;
  • Re-sized username field to support new username format;

New tutorials posted today

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Today we posted two new tutorials:

Using feeds in vTools.Meeting” and “Schedule a meeting Doodle“.  The first tutorial goes in detail over HTML, RSS, iCal, and XML feeds available in the Meetings tool for integration with web pages, RSS readers, calendars, and custom software. The second tutorial will quickly show you how to easily coordinate calendars of multiple meeting attendees to schedule a meeting at the most convenient time for all.

vTools.Meetings version 4.1 was released today

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.1 was released today.


vTools.Meetings introduces a number of new features and usability enhancements as well bug fixes:


New features and usability enhancements

  1.  System now has “Find Meetings” functionality. “Find Meetings” replaces “View Meetings” and introduces flexible meetings search similar to L31 reports search added in version 4.0.
  2. System now allows to search meetings within 5, 10, 50, or 100 miles within specified zip code or address.
  3. The system now includes the meeting’s region and section as part of the meetings search results.
  4. System now supports virtual meetings such as web conferences and webinars via virtual meeting flag. Meeting organizers can indicate that meeting is “virtual” by checking a check box on meeting creation page. “Virtual” meetings can be found via the new “Meetings Search” page and dedicated virtual meetings RSS feeds.
  5. System now allows specifying more than 3 Menu Selection Options.
  6. The system now emails meeting contact whenever someone with special requests registers for a meeting.
  7. The system now offers meeting organizer an option to email meeting registrants whenever meeting is cancelled/un-cancelled.
  8. To enhance Concentration banking reports, system now sends meeting ID and title through PayPal to the CBRS.
  9. In the ‘View Meeting Statistics’ page, the system now shows ‘Cancelled’ to describe registration that was cancelled.
  10. CSV file containing registration data now includes meal options selected by registrants.
  11. System now shows units in OU drop downs based on their activation/deactivation dates.
  12. The meeting registration statistics page now has the following functionality:
    • By default the data should is sorted by registrants last names;
    • “last name” column is now be the first of the columns, followed by the “first name” column;
    • Last and first names now link to registrants e-mail addresses. Clicking on the registrant name should launch e-mail client (dependent on your mail client configuration);
    • “Payment Status” now has a drop down that allows filtering out data shown: rows with any payment status, paid, unpaid, etc.
  13. CSV export of L31 report search now includes a breakdown of total attendees on IEEE members and non-members.
  14. L31 search results table shown on a screen is now sortable.
  15. System now includes reporting Unit Name and Meeting Date on L31 report submission confirmation e-mail.
  16. Section names are now shown on top of the meeting announcement and L31 pages.
  17. The event registration form now displays the name and date of the event at the top of the page.
  18. The system now makes iCal feed readable by Google Calendar.
  19. System now prevents registration for meetings with closed registration.
  20. System now shows data for the new section and prevents accessing data from the old section when a volunteer changes his home section.
  21. Multiple code optimizations and security enhancements.


Bug fixes

  1.  After searching L31 reports using L31 search an authorized user is now able to delete reports by clicking on the delete (destroy) link.
  2. System now validates meeting contact e-mail and meeting address information upon meeting announcement submission.
  3. System now shows if there is an admission fee on the meeting announcement screen (bug fix for conflicting messages shown under certain scenarios).
  4. System now validates meeting address and date information upon submission of an L31 report.

Modifying date range and data order in vTools.Meetings feeds (meetings and L31)

Monday, January 16th, 2012

If you use XML or HTML feeds, you can easily change the date range of the retrieved meetings or L31 reports by modifying the feed URL. For example, the default XML feed for the Princeton Central New Jersey section meeeting retrieves meetings for the next 90 days:

If you would like to retrieve a year’s worth of meetings, simply replace 90 on 365:

If you would also like to see past meetings, change ’0′ on the number of days with a minus sign in front of the number. For example, this link will get the meetings for the past 360 days and no future meetings:

Same concept applies to the HTML feeds:

Meetings for the next 360 days –

Meetings for the past 360 and the next 360 days –

You can also modify the data order by replacing ‘asc’ on ‘desc’. For example,



Meetings 4.0 and Voting 1.3 have been released

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

We are happy to announce that vTools.Meetings version 4.0 and vTools.Voting version 1.3 were released today.

vTools.Voting 1.3 is a maintenance release. It introduces the following changes:

- Look and feel compliant with the latest IEEE web presence guidelines.;
- Code compatibilty with Rails version 2.3.5;
- New version of the WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) used for composing email and election instructions;
- Fix for a logic flaw in email timing. In our help manual we instruct users to wait for one hour after election activation, before sending an email. This ensures that necessary mailing list has been created and email can be sent to it. When an e-mail is sent to the voters before the mailing list is created, it never arrives. To prevent this from happening, the Voting system now enforces a rule of waiting for one hour after election activation before an e-mail to voters can be sent.

vTools.Meetings 4.0 is a major release that introduces a number of enhancements to the existing functionality as well as new functionality:

- L31 form now has only those fields that are necessary for issuing L31 rebates and IEEE data mining;
- It is now possible to use existing L31 reports as templates for new L31 reports;
- E-mail summary sent to the form submitter now has full details of the submitted report;
- L31 search now allows custom searches based on key words, date ranges, organizational units, societies, etc;
- L31 search results can now be exported in a CSV format for further analysis in a spreadsheet (MS Office Excel, Open Office Calc, etc).

Payments user interface
- Payment interface now provides ability to specify and collect tax. This work allows us to run a credit card payment pilot in regions 8, 9, and 10;
- Payment interface now allows specifying zero price levels;
- Price level applicability is now clearly labeled;
- Quick online help on using payment functionality is now available directly from the payment setup screen;
- It is no longer possible to delete existing registrations or meetings with registrations. Intead, meeting organizer is now required to cancel registrations or the meeting to ensure data integrity;

- Calendar pickers are now of a pop-up “click to select” type;
- There is now ability for a meeting attendee to indicate that (s)he has special needs such as access or diet. Such requests are clearly marked on the registration statistics screen and described in a CVS data export file. Additionally, special requests are e-mailed to the meeting organizer as they are made;
- Registrations now have timestamps;
- IEEE logo is now compliant with the IEEE web presence guidelines;
- Printing name tags and meal tickets is now customizable;
- Calendar now has full support for .ics format;
- Payment functionality internal mechanism is now more robust;
- Security enhancements;

Bug fixes
- Internet Explorer no longer shows a warning on PayPal payment page about vTools image coming over unsecured http;
- Spelling errors.

You can provide us with your feedback on vTools.Meetings version 4.0 and vTools.Voting version 1.3 releases HERE.

Thank you,
vTools Team