eNotice Submission

To submit an eNotice for Geographic Organizational Units, visit  (eNotice 2.0).

Please note:  eNotice 2.0 does not support societies and certain officer positions.  If you cannot use eNotice 2.0, then please use the old form at .

For conferences sponsored by IEEE, please visit If you are a Region/Section/Chapter officer, please do not use this form. Use either or If you use the conference eNotice form, it could cause further delays.

IEEE eNotice service restrictions:

  • For critical eNotice requests (e.g., cancellations), please be certain to select, “Yes” for the “Is this request critical?” field below. We will do our best to accommodate your critical requests during normal business hours.
  • IEEE organizational units using this service are strongly encouraged to limit mailings to one per week.
  • Processing time can be up to 5 business days due to the volume of requests we receive daily.
  • To use eNotice, you must be an officer of the organizational unit to which you want to send notices.  If you are an officer of the organizational unit and your information does not appear in the online rosters, then please submit your officer information to If your officer position does not appear in the online rosters, then approval from the appropriate officers would be required.    Click here to view list of officers who are authorized to access eNotice.