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Please fill out the form below to report a problem or request an enhancement. Please remember to select an appropriate tool in the drop down. Please use “Subject” box to briefly describe the problem you encountered or feature you are requesting and “Message” box to provide detailed description.

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Please note that the bug reports and feature requests will automatically generate a ticket in our bug tracking system. Status of the reported problems and requested features can be checked here:

For Meetings and L31 : https://www.assembla.com/spaces/meetings-vtools/support/tickets

For Officer Reporting: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/officer-reporting/support/tickets

For Student Branch Reporting: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/sbr-vtools/support/tickets

For Surveys: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/surveys-vtools/support/tickets

For Voting: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/voting-vtools/support/tickets

For WebInABox: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/webinabox-vtools/support/tickets

For eNotice:  https://www.assembla.com/spaces/enotice-vtools/support/tickets

For all other tools: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/vtools/support/tickets