GoogleApps for OUs (G4Os)

“GoogleApps for OUs” (G4O) is a package of Google tools that allows section volunteers to create, store, and share files with other volunteers, section members or general public. G4O also provides ability to share a calendar with your section. Section volunteers can restrict file and calendar access to section volunteers only, section volunteers and members, or the general public. Central G4O features include:

  • File and calendar access can be restricted to section ExCom, section members, or the general public;
  • Volunteers holding elected positions of Section Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer as well as appointed vTools Coordinators have automatic access to manage “GoogleApps for OUs” (G4O);
  • GoogleApps at IEEE” account with a corresponding e-mail address are required to access G4O.

For help on G4O please refer to:

Please contact us to request a G4O site enabled for your section.