vTools Events Tutorials


Click on the “PDF” links to  download the tutorials in PDF format. Click on the “VIDEO” links to view the video tutorials.

  1. Search and View Events (PDF) (VIDEO)
  2. Create an Event (PDF) (VIDEO)
  3. Edit an Event (PDF) (VIDEO)
  4. Cancel an Event (PDF) (VIDEO)
  5. Delete an Event (PDF) (VIDEO)
  6. Save an Event as Draft (PDF) (VIDEO)
  7. Enable Event Registration (PDF) (VIDEO)
  8. Set up payment (PDF) (VIDEO)
  9. Create an L31 Report (PDF) (VIDEO)
  10. Create an L31 Report from an existing Event (PDF) (VIDEO)
  11. Search L31 Reports (PDF) (VIDEO)
  12. View Registration / Event Statistics (PDF)
  13. Create Meal Tickets and Name Tags (PDF)
  14. Register For An Event (PDF)
  15. Create a New Event from an Existing Event (PDF)
  16. Events Feeds (PDF)
  17. Events iCal functionality (PDF)

  18. Select HOST for an Event (PDF)
  19. Custom Registration Questions (PDF)
  20. Publish an Event (PDF)
  • Events-eNotice integration (PDF)