Technical society or council members within a geographic area may form a local chapter, which is led and supported by the geographical unit (typically the section). While leadership roles and meeting announcements go only to society members, their meetings and presentations are usually open to everyone including non-IEEE members. Announcements in the calendar will specify when a meeting is closed.

The following is a list of all chapters spanning the Washington Section. Where chapters span two or more sections the “lead” section (responsible for reporting chapter activity) is listed first. Some chapters exist separately in both Washington and Northern VA, but only the Washington chapter is listed below.

Chapter officers may find the chapter resources page useful.

NameSection(s)ChairSPO ID
Nanotechnology Council (NANO42)Northern VA, WashingtonMr. Nadim HaddadCH02167
Sensors Council (SEN39)Washington, Northern VADr. Christal GordonCH02165
Systems Council (SYS45)Washington, Northern VAMr. Tom StaraiCH02184
Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AES10)Washington, Northern VADr. Eun OhCH02097
Antennas and Propagation Society (AP03)Washington, Northern VADr. Brian RielyCH02143
Circuits and Systems Society (CAS04)Washington, Baltimore, Northern VADr. Pamela Ann AbshireCH02182
Communications Society (COM19)WashingtonDr. Paul CotaeCH02109
Computational Intelligence Society (CIS11)Washington, Northern VAMr. Joel GoodmanCH02173
Computer Society (C16)Northern VA, WashingtonMr. Tom StaraiCH02058
Control Systems Society (CS23)WashingtonDr. Haik BiglariCH02144
Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMC27)Washington, Northern VAMr. Mike VioletteCH02102
Electron Devices Society (ED15)Northern VA, WashingtonMr. Joseph KopanskiCH02099
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMB18)Washington, Northern VAMs. Debi SieringCH02101
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRS29)Washington, Northern VADr. Zhuosen WangCH02117
Industry Applications Society (IA34)Northern VA, WashingtonMr. Peter CollatCH02153
Information Theory Society (IT12)WashingtonMr. James ChristianCH02145
Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IM09)Washington, Baltimore, Northern VADr. Sterling RookeCH02175
Magnetics Society (MAG33)Washington, Northern VADr. Can KormanCH02105
Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT17)Washington, Northern VADr. Robert BenoitCH02116
Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPS05)Washington, Baltimore, Northern VAMr. Harry SaubermanCH02094
Oceanic Engineering Society (OE22)Washington, Northern VADr. Jim RocheCH02059
Photonics Society (PHO36)Washington, Northern VA-CH02106
Power and Energy Society (PE31)Northern VA, WashingtonMr. Yonael TekluCH02146
Professional Communication Society (PC026)Northern VA, Washington, Baltimore-CH02164
Reliability Society (RL07)Washington, Northern VADr. Carolyn CarrollCH02095
Robotics and Automation Society (RA24)Washington, Northern VAMr. Leon EscobarCH02160
Signal Processing Society (SP01)WashingtonDr. Min WuCH02157
Society on Social Implications of Technology (IT030)Northern VA, Baltimore, WashingtonMr. Murty PolavarapuCH02100
Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEM014)Washington, Northern VAMr. Doug HollyCH02180
Vehicular Technology Society (VT06)Washington, Northern VAMr. Karl BergerCH02107