Information Regarding the Proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment

IEEE Washington Section ExCom Position

On its regular meeting on June 07, 2016, after careful consideration of the proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment, the IEEE Washington DC Section Executive Committee approved the following motion:

The Executive Committee of the Washington DC Section of IEEE opposes the proposed Constitutional Amendment. Our comments are as follows:

  1. The proposed constitutional changes will eliminate control of IEEE Geographic Entities (Regions), IEEE Technical Societies (Divisions) and the IEEE Assembly over the Board of Directors’ composition, thus making the Board not accountable to IEEE Organizational Units;
  2. It will also give the Board an opportunity to propose existing Board Members to be nominated for election as future Board Members, creating an apparent conflict of interest;
  3. The required direct election (by more than 300,000 IEEE Members) for all IEEE Board of Directors positions creates but an appearance of democracy. Currently the Board has 28 Directors. Every IEEE Member will be expected to educate themselves on the merits of 28 (or more) candidates. This is unrealistic and most likely will result in mechanical approval of the list of candidates compiled by the existing Board;
  4. The yet-to-be-written bylaws under the proposed constitution have considerable unknowns, but more importantly, the bylaws will document the IEEE structure which the Board solely can approve without membership approval;
  5. Due to the above considerations, we strongly encourage IEEE Members to vote AGAINST the proposed Amendment of the IEEE Constitution.

Election Timeline

The timeline for the election is:

  • 15 August 2016: Annual election ballots are sent to all voting members on record as of 30 June. Voters can access their ballots electronically at this time.
  • 3 October 2016: Ballots must be received by 1:00 p.m. ET/17:00 UTC.

External Sites in Opposition and in Support

A group of IEEE members assembled a variety of references to support their stance in opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment. Similarly, the IEEE has a variety of references dedicated to supporting the amendment. The former group wrote an informative summary letter for distribution in email or print form to IEEE members, which we are hosting and displaying here.

Download (DOC, 61KB)



The remainder of this page contains additional resources that contain useful information:


The following PowerPoint presentation is the TABin2030 report on the proposed IEEE constitutional amendment.

Download (PPTX, 3.35MB)


The following PDF is a summary of the proposed changes to the IEEE constitution, provided by the IEEE.

Download (PDF, 35KB)


The following PDF is a detailed description of the proposed changes to the IEEE constitution, provided by the IEEE.

Download (PDF, 301KB)


The following PDF is a flyer that summarizes the opposition position, authored by the above-mentioned opposition group.

Download (PDF, 21KB)


The following PDF contains the IEEE Board of Directors’ statement in support of the proposed amendment to the IEEE Constitution, followed by five opposition statements and IEEE’s formal rebuttals to each. These opposition statements and rebuttals will be provided to every voting IEEE member by 15 August 2016, within the Annual Election ballot.

Download (PDF, 190KB)


The following PDF contains the IEEE Signal Processing Society opposition statement.

Download (PDF, 83KB)


The following PDF contains an opposition statement by the President of the IEEE Power Electronics Society.

Download (PDF, 141KB)


The following PDF contains an opposition statement authored by four previous IEEE Presidents.

Download (PDF, 126KB)


The following PDF contains an opposition statement by the President Emeritus of the IEEE Computer Society.

Download (PDF, 83KB)