Call for Papers & Participation

Call For Papers & Participation Flyer

Topics for Papers & Presentations

  • Mentoring the next generation of female leaders
  •  Strategies for increasing equity in power and decision making
  •  Women as leaders in education, industry, and government
  •  Development: communication skills in written and spoken word, effective dialog
  •  Cross-cultural aspects of leadership
  •  What it takes to be a great leader – qualities that all successful leaders share
  •  Shaping the future by female leaders
  •  Training vs inherent skills: can leadership be learned?
  •  Work-Life balance: family systems traditions and changes
  •  Leadership development for women: overcoming stereotypes
  •  The design, implementation, and evaluation of leadership from a structural perspective
  •  Helping girls and young women become leaders – motivating to empower, empowering to motivate
  •  Exploring the attrition gap – why do women leave the engineering field and what can be done to prevent it.

Abstract Details

Presentation only: Title and topic abstract suitable for program (up to 150 words), and an extended abstract for evaluation (up to 2 pages)
Presentations with paper submission: Title and topic abstract suitable for program (up to 150 words), and publication-ready paper (up to 8 pages)
Deadline for all submissions: 24 July 2017.

Email with paper and  presentation abstracts  for the Baltimore Forum


Key Dates

Deadline for all submissions 24 July 2017
Decision notification date 1 September 2017
Final Announcement 1 October 2017
Additional Topics for Presentations

    • Inspirational
        Motivate positive progress in career and life
    • Empowering
        Help advance career and life
    • Leadership
        Advance leadership, team and career management
    • Workshops
        Skills and concepts for STEM pre-university outreach