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IEEE has 38 societies that represent a wide range of technical interests by providing publications, conferences, community networking, and many other benefits to members within their specialty areas. Society memberships enable you to stay current within your chosen technology profession, to keep in touch with your peers, and to invest in your career and profession.

The Winnipeg Section has several active chapters that organize many events throughout the year. One does not have to a member of a Chapter to participate in Chapter’s activities. Contact the chapter chairs for information on upcoming events.

Communications Chapter (COM-19)

Communications Chapter

The Communications Chapter has been offering seminars, courses and workshops related to data and signal communications. This chapter was the co-sponsors of the WESCANEX’95 conference and exhibition in Winnipeg.

Jun Cai

Pradeepa Yahampath

Computer and Computational Intelligence Chapter (C-16/CIS-11)

Computer Chapter Computational Intelligence Chapter

The Computer Chapters has presented many seminars and other events to the community. Together with the Communications Chapter, this chapter was the co-sponsors of the WESCANEX’95.

Ian Jeffrey

Muhammad Salman Khan

Engineers in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter (EMB-18)

Engineers in Medicine and Biology

This chapter has been active for many years. It has regular meetings covering biomedical issues addressed by the research community at the University of Manitoba, in conjunction with the Health Sciences.

Visit the chapter website at

Sherif SherifVice-Chair
Sherif Sherif

EduManCom Chapter (E-25/TEM-14/PC-26)

Professional CommunicationsEngineering ManagementEducational Chapter

The joint EduManCom Chapter includes three societies: the Education Society, the Engineering Management Society, and the Professional Communication Society. The purpose of the joint chapter is to conduct events (such as technical meetings of short duration, community outreach programs, and day-long workshops) within the joint field of interest, including educational methods, educational technology, educational and professional development programs within Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering; understanding and promoting effective communication in engineering; and principles of engineering management.

Ken Ferens

Power and Energy Chapter (PE-31)

Power and Energy

The Power and Energy Chapter has been active for many years. This chapter organizes monthly seminars mainly aimed at industry and academic professionals, and power engineering students. These seminars cover contemporary engineering topics, and the latest research in the field of power systems. and provide excellent networking opportunities as well as a way to stay up to date on recent advances in electric power systems.

Visit the chapter website at

Robotics, Control, Instrumentation and Measurement (RobConIM)

Control Systems Society

The Robotics and Control Chapter was established in January 2010, with the goal of offering seminars, courses and workshops related to the areas of robotics and control with wide applications from medical devices, nanomanipulation, autonomous humanoid robots to unmanned submersible vehicles. It became a joint chapter (RobConIM) in 2015.

Yaser Maddahi

Sean O’Brien

Tim Olson


Ahmad Byagowi

Xihui (Larry) Liang

Waves (AP-03/VT-06/MTT-17)

Antennas and PropagationVehicular TechnologyMicrowave Theory And Techniques

This chapter has been recognized as the most active, with nearly weekly seminars. It has been organizing the yearly ANTEM conference dedicated to antenna design.

Pedram Mojabi

Chaitanya Narendra

Greg Bridges

Greg Bridges

Geoscience & Remote Sensing and Aerospace & Electronic Systems (Winnipeg Section Jt. Chapter, AES10/GRS29)

Control Systems Society

The joint chapter of Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society and the Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society brings together many strong industries and research fields within our province. It is dedicated to organizing seminars and arranging workshops for students.

Visit the chapter website at

Dario Schor

Vice Chair
Dario Schor