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Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Schedule:  5:30: Dinner

6:15:  Presentation with demonstrations to follow the meeting

Presenter:  Art Towslee, IEEE Member and radio amateur Art Towslee, WA8RMC, from Columbus Ohio

Topic:  Low Cost Digital Amateur Television and the DVB-Express Project

Location:  Lower Level of the American Red Cross building, 1050 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI (Park in back and enter through door there, ring bell if necessary, go downstairs.)

RSVP:  West MI Section Secretary Ron Fredricks, K8DMR, at by Tuesday May 26 if possible for scheduling the food. However come anyway even if at the last minute.

Details: Our speaker Art Towslee, retired IEEE member and radio amateur call WA8RMC, will compare low cost equipment now available using the DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-T (terrestrial) standards to the U.S. ATSC standard. Hardware built as part of the on-going and international DATV-Express Project will be demonstrated. The DATV-Express Board costs around $300 and is a digital Amateur Television exciter/transmitter (assembled board with software) that Art and his international team have designed and built. It can operate on ham radio bands from 100 MHz to 2.45 GHz in both DVB-S and DVB-T formats under various modulations such as QPSK and COFDM.
Simple USB dongles and other low cost stand-alone modules for receiving DVB-T and DVB-S have already been available for some time. While complete low cost DVB-T only transmitters for amateur use manufactured in Taiwan have also recently appeared on the market they do not have the power or flexibility of the DATV express board which is a software defined radio.
Radio amateurs in the Midwest are currently making video contacts up to 250 miles on almost a daily basis running 80 watts or less of digital modulation on the 70 cm band with perfect HD picture quality. One key to this success has been being able to reduce the bandwidths down to 1-2 MHz. Art’s Amateur Television Columbus OH (ATCO) repeater recently added both DVB-S and DVB-T inputs and outputs to their NTSC inputs and outputs on the 70 cm, 23 cm and 13 cm bands. Details of the ATCO ATV system are given below:
For more on the DATV-Express project go to:

EMC Chapter Events:


May 21, 2015

EMC Chapter of the West Michigan Section of IEEE

All IEEE Members and Guests Invited:


Thursday May 21, 2015


5:30 – 6:00 – Social time.
(Food will be provided)
6:00 – 7:30 – Technical Presentation


Attendance is free of charge to all IEEE Members and Non-Members

Location: GVSU EMC Center


                                           Why does my design fail EMC? and How to fix it!

Overall EMC principles are introduced – 4 quadrants of mechanisms, 3 elements of the actors, 4 types of coupling . Case studies drawn from 6 designs are used to demonstrate the underlying EMC physics across the 4 quadrants, for causes and cures.

Analysis, measurement and creativity methods are highlighted in these studies. Narratives also present soft skills of teamwork & consulting persuasion. Solutions are generalized for applicability to multiple future designs.

Hands-on / Audience Participation DIY Demonstrations:
-Shielding Effectiveness
-Current Follows the Path of Least Impedance and Lenz Law in Cables

Presenter:   Jerry Meyerhoff


Consultant’s Network Events: